Social media marketing in includes highly integrated and often multichannel activities. Focused on gradual development of coverage and audience, they seek to create an appealing and user-friendly image of the brands we work for. We also build on communication with users (current and future customers, fans, influencers), which, when based on a meaningful content, turns out to be a smart and unique way to achieve measurable effects. We often put ourselves against the mainstream, but never against the rules.


We implement activities across all social media, both in social channels and blogosphere,
combining organic communication with social performance.


  • Strategy
  • Communication management
  • Influencer marketing / blogosphere
  • Crisis management
  • Special actions
  • Social CRM
  • Analytics
  • Apps and gaming
  • Brand activations

Integration of social
channels / Multichannel


  • Campaigns / Paid social
  • Social performance
  • Lead generation
  • Sales growth
  • Special actions

Customer Journey

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For effective social media communication it is necessary to understand the customer’s behaviour, habits and preferences, and to:

Stand out

We find social media fascinating. Our ideas how to be unique in today’s complicated world of better or worse online content allow our clients to feel special. Prompting an action or reflection from the customers, they encourage them to stay involved and communicate with the brand. We establish a dialogue with the user who needs to feel important to us. This is the only possible approach to adopt in social media if you want your brand to stand out and succeed.

Create attractive content

Users expect a great and inspiring content which they will enjoy reading and sharing with others. Our Content Marketing team creates content which is intriguing, funny or serious, informative and interesting. It seeks to convince customers that they should embark on a journey with this particular brand rather than with hundreds of others. We prepare stories to inspire people, and special activations across social media and blogosphere to encourage further interaction.

Inspire a dialogue

Standing out, attractive content and engaging in a dialogue with the customer – these are the three key areas that we can guide you through. Master them and your communication in social media or blogosphere will be much more effective. In order to maintain a smart and engaging conversation with your users, you need to learn more about them and… get to know each other better. With years of customer research, experience across industries and a variety of online tools, we are here to support you in this process. We will help you determine precisely the number of your followers, examine their moods and monitor what is being said about the brand. We know what the customers say, where they say it and why. Based on this knowledge we are prepared when we join the dialogue and we know what to say, how to deepen the relationship, educate the customer, contribute to their involvement, increase the coverage, and consequently, inspire people’s interest in the brand.

Improve coverage / social multi- and cross-channel

Our social communication and influencer marketing specialists will make your content and communication authentic, unique and intriguing. We have experts in social media paid activities (social performance), who can identify and precisely evaluate your target group, “selling” graphics and messages, type of advertising and social channels that should be used to display your content.

Measure and analyze / KPIs

Based on KPIs and business aims and objectives, we design and implement various communication strategies, including marketing partnerships and non-profit actions. We continue to offer our clients new solutions without which the world of social media couldn’t function. We constantly measure the effectiveness of our activities, seeking to maximize ROI.

Be genuine and plan ahead

Social media work in real time. Once posted, the content can’t be fixed, so it is critical to ensure its top quality and pay extra care to everything you do online. This kind of efficiency may be achieved through effective planning (including quick response to changes and users’ live reactions), communication based on hard data and knowledge of the customer. Close cooperation with the client is also important. It is essential to stay true to yourself. Genuine communication is a foundation and a key element in establishing an honest relationship with the user, follower and customer.

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